Our Services

GeM Registration

  1. Gem Profile Management
  2. Product / Service Category Creation
  3. OEM Panel Activate
  4. Products / Service Catalogue Uploading
  5. Gem Tender / Order Bidding Process
  6. Vendor Assessment

Startup India Registration

  1. Startup Registration
  2. DPIIT Recognition for Startups

TReDs Registration

Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) is an electronic platform that allows business persons to trade account receivables such as invoices. This platform is transparent and enables quick financing for the SMEs. It is also a alternative to banks and factoring companies.

PSU & Govt. Undertaking Registrations

With more than 15 years of experience applied in this field we provide a range of services right from the ‘product selection’ stage to the final stage of ‘approval and registration’ along with coordinating with the various PSUs & Govt. Undertakings.

Tender Information & Bidding Solutions

With the deep knowledge about the public procurement process, we help our client to find & understand the RFQ, comply with PQC, preparation of Techno – Commercial offer as well as   participate in Reveres auction as and when required to grab the opportunity and achieve the desired target of supply in PSU’s.